Resident: Franklin

Franklin learnt the importance of soul in music growing up surrounded by the northern soul and motown influence of his parents, perhaps the most important start any DJ can have.

Nowadays you can expect a varied selection from Franklin, mostly lush melodic house peppered with funk, soul and most importantly, that all too often neglected injection of fun.

After joining Freerange Records in 2010 Franklin began to unearth what would later become a huge passion for deepness in music. The label has had a profound impact on his sound and you can hear a nod to those masters of the deep in each of his mixes.

A keen radio enthusiast Franklin produces and presents the Unwanted Podcast, the show is a welcome outlet of  Franklin’s personality and a place for a bit of fun. He also produces/presents the Farm Festival Podcast with his brother Rocksteady Freddie where they invite artists from the festival into the studio and talk nonsense for 90 minutes, brilliant!

Website / Mixcloud  / Twitter  / Facebook / FarmFest Podcast


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