Resident: Rocksteady Freddie

A vinyl purist, playing a slick blend of Funk, Soul, Disco and House…

“RockSteady” Freddie Franklin is a DJ and music enthusiast. Having been brought up on a diet of northern soul bangers and sweet motown grooves, Freddie aquired a taste for funk and soul from a young age. His early favourites included artists such as Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson and The Temptations.He purchased his first record player at the age of 17 and this is where his love for vinyl and crate digging began.

At the age of 24 He picked up a pair of Technics turntables and discovered London’s vibrant house and disco scene, enjoying producers and DJ’s such as The Revenge, Greg Wilson, 6th Borough Project, and Jacques Renault.

He finally made London his place of residence in 2012 and has absorbed the musical diversity that the great city has to offer. This has given him a keen interest interest in genres such as jazz, latin and afro and has allowed him to develop his DJing style further, taking inspiration from DJ figureheads such as Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman.

His DJ highlights include sets at the Rabbit Hole is Glastonbury in 2012 as well as ….

The unwanted ethos is all about good music and smiling faces and this is a view that Rocksteady wholeheartedly shares. If you have not seen him behind the decks yet, then it’s about time you did!


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